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The Wonders of Summer

The Wonders of Summer

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This beautiful, heartwarming story, shows a little girl and her loving dad, as they experience the wonders of summer! The world is joyful and magical, when seen through a child's eyes, and the splendid season of summer, is waiting for them to explore!

Such a delightful book, that follows an adventurous girl, and her dad, as they enjoy the simple pleasures of summertime. They have a picnic, watch the clouds, wade in a river, eat ice cream, and catch fireflies. The illustrations are stunning, and the lyrical text creates the perfect ode to the season.

Readers will feel the excitement of this spunky girl, and relate to the special bond that she has with her daddy. Their sweet, tender moments, celebrate the timeless love between a parent and a child.

And in a flowered field,

they giggled, then fell down.

They picked some daisies, too.

Then Dad made her a crown.

THE WONDERS OF SUMMER is a heartfelt book, that will inspire children to go outdoors, and appreciate the wonders and beauty of nature. This fun and playful story, will encourage kids to celebrate familiar summer themes, using their senses to play, learn, and dream. Adults will become nostalgic, thinking about their own past experiences.

This touching book is a wonderful reminder that ordinary days, can be amazing and extraordinary, creating happy memories, that will last forever.

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