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Spencer and Vincent, the Jellyfish Brothers

Spencer and Vincent, the Jellyfish Brothers

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"Easily shareable with sibs of different ages, and they'll be delighted to join in on the goofy brotherly song." --Bulletin Center Children's Books (starred review)


"Poetic, unusual vocabulary...make the text fun to read aloud." --Booklist


"Johnston writes in a quirky, sweet voice that keeps the narrative moving along...watercolors by Dove have a cheery vintage feel." --Publishers Weekly


When two jellyfish brothers are separated at sea it takes all of the ocean's creatures to help them reunite in this heartwarming tale of brotherly love.


Spencer and Vincent are jellyfish brothers who live together in the sea, their wet and shining home. They invented a little song which went like this:


My brother, my brother,
he's sweet, not smelly.

I love him from down in my jelly belly.


One day a wave of superior magnitude separates them! The brothers know they have to do whatever it takes to find each other again. And they'll need some help along the way...


Sometimes friends can really make a the difference. Spencer and Vincent is a story of adventures and the bond of family.
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