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Every Little Letter

Every Little Letter

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For fans of The Word Collector and Be Kind comes a story of words, walls, and widening your world, by New York Times bestselling author Deborah Underwood


Small h has always lived with the other H's in a city surrounded by walls that keep them safe. At least, that's what the big H's say. But one day, a hole in the wall reveals someone new on the other side. When little h and little i meet, they make a small word with big meaning: "hi!" The other H's find out, though. They fill the hole. But it won't be enough to keep these little letters apart--or twenty-four of their newest friends. Every Little Letter shows how even the smallest among us can make a big impact, and how a single act of friendship can inspire whole communities to come together. How do you tear down walls? With words, at first. Then brick by brick.


"Rich for exploration . . . Adorable." --SLJ (starred review)
"This message of friendship . . . bears repeating, especially for the youngest readers." --Kirkus
"Smartly executed . . . Underlines how diversity leads to strength." --Publishers Weekly
"This [book] goes beyond to incorporate the alphabet and word-learning, as well as the importance of listening to young people." --Shelf Awareness
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