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Dinosaur Club: The T-Rex Attack

Dinosaur Club: The T-Rex Attack

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Travel back in time to the world of the dinosaurs! Children will be inspired to discover the prehistoric world with this edge-of-your-seat adventure dinosaur storybook.

Dino-crazy kids can follow Jamie and Tess on a prehistoric adventure of a lifetime where they meet Wanna -- a new dinosaur friend. However, they soon learn that not all dinosaurs are so friendly when they encounter the T.rex -- the King of the dinosaurs!


This beautiful children's dinosaur book for 5-year-olds and up contains:


- Beautifully illustrated line art accompanied by expertly written text
- Plenty of humor and delightful dinosaur fun facts
- Reference material that contextualizes each narrative, including timelines, quizzes, fact files and glossaries


Jamie is one of the biggest dinosaur fans ever. He's a member of the Dinosaur Club -- a network of kids around the world who share dinosaur knowledge. While exploring Ammonite Bay, Jamie meets Tess, a fellow Dinosaur Club member. Tess shows Jamie her favorite place -- a secret cave with fossils all over the walls. They see a strange tunnel at the back and go through it together. You won't believe what they discover next -- actual dinosaurs!


Learn all about dinosaurs and the prehistoric world in this first installment of DK's new children's book series. A beautiful marriage of fiction and fact, Dinosaur Club is a modern revision of the popular Dinosaur Cove series fully updated for a new audience, featuring a brand new premise, new characters, totally new artwork throughout, and all the latest dinosaur information and discoveries.


At the end of this fictional book, you'll find "The Dino Files" which is a summary of all the scientific facts and discoveries made throughout the story. With fun illustrations, quizzes and a vocabulary list, the value of this educational book is outstanding and great for a classroom read!


Add Dinosaur Club: A Triceratops Charge, to your collection next, and keep an eye out for the next releases due in 2022, Dinosaur Club: Saving a Stegosaurus and Dinosaur Club: Tracking the Diplodocus.
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